7-Eleven Dishing Out Freebies

The year of the recall continues, and 7-Eleven is dishing out freebies.

Investors unloaded stocks for a second day on Tuesday. The Dow fell below 17000, and the Nasdaq saw its biggest drop in two months.

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Alcoa (NYSE:AA) opened its books last night to kick off earnings season. Results at the aluminum maker were better than expected.

So far this year, 40 million cars have been recalled in the U.S., a new record. The latest recalls come from Honda (NYSE:HMC) and Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F). Honda is calling back one million more cars for airbag issues, mostly older cars sold in California. Ford is recalling 100,000 vehicles for various safety defects.

Car-sharing company Uber reached an agreement with the New York attorney general to limit price surges during emergencies and other unusual market disruptions. This comes after Uber temporarily cut prices in New York to be cheaper than the city’s yellow cabs.

And free food at 7-Eleven. Starting Friday, the convenience store is giving away free Slurpee beverages. For a week after that, it’s handing out everything from free ice cream bars to free cookies and Big Gulps, if you’ve downloaded the 7-Eleven mobile app.