The 15 'best' cities for single millennials: Study

For millennials, being single is the way to go.

At least that is what comparative auto insurance website Insurantly found when analyzing data from the U.S. Census and GSS Data Explorer.

According to these sources, the median age for first-time marriages has increased over time as more people settle down later in life. Moreover, 50 percent of those born between 1981 and 1996 reported that they are single with no steady partner.

Downtown Indianapolis skyline with the Depew Memorial Fountain, obelisk, park, and the Indiana World War Memorial in the foreground.

Insurantly took these findings further and compiled a list of 15 cities in the U.S. where single millennials appear to be thriving. For the most part, the selected cities are pretty spread out geographically. However, the auto insurance company noted that single millennials are attracted to areas that have a wide range of high-paying jobs, recreational activities and social events.

Here are the major metropolitan areas that were included in the analysis.


Indianapolis holds the fifteenth spot on the list of cities with the highest number of single millennials. Nearly 22 percent of the city’s total population are a part of this demographic, and a little over 64 percent consider themselves single.

The ratio of single men to women in this city are almost equal, but a very slight 0.5 percent more are women. Insurantly’s study cited the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, outdoor activities, shopping areas and cultural districts as reasons why millennials enjoy this Midwestern city.

Millennials are calling Orlando home and it’s not just for Disney World annual passes. Nearly 24 percent of the population in Orlando are millennials, and almost 69 percent of them are single. Insurantly said this city’s craft breweries, 72-degree water in Wekiwa Springs and surplus of theme parks keep this young population entertained.

Insurantly dubbed Charleston as a “millennial magnet.” Twenty-four percent of the total population are millennials, and over 67 percent of this group are single. Moreover, this major city in South Carolina is growing a strong tech start-up economy. The study also cited Charleston’s “thriving restaurant and arts scene” as major attractions for unmarried millennials.

Over a fifth of Baltimore’s total population are millennials, with nearly 23 percent calling the city home. Almost 67 percent of this group are single. Insurantly cited Baltimore’s lower cost of living and close proximity to Washington, D.C. for “top-tier” employment as reasons why millennials are flocking to this area. It also said Baltimore offers a thriving local brewery scene and watersports like sailing in local harbors.

The “City of Angels” has been a hotspot for aspirational youth for a number of years, and millennials are no different. A little over 24 percent of the total population are millennials, according to Insurantly, and a whopping 72 percent are single – the highest on the list. The study cited Los Angeles’ warm weather, beaches, thriving restaurant scene and nightlife as factors that appeal to millennials.


Millennials appear to be fans of Denver, so much so that a little over 24 percent of the total population are a part of this demographic. Sixty-two percent consider themselves single as well.

According to Insurantly, the “Mile High City” is a haven for adults who lead an active lifestyle. Skiing, mountain biking and hiking are just a few sports that are popular in this area. Additionally, the study said Denver possesses a “strong job market” with “the highest percentage of single millennials employed full-time at over 61 percent.”

The “City of Brotherly Love” is beloved by millennials, with 22 percent of the total population being a part of this demographic. More than 71 percent of these millennials qualify themselves as single. Insurantly, credited the city’s “numerous breweries, live music venues, and farmers markets” as attractive options for millennials who like to pursue casual dates.

Nashville is a music and food hotspot that draws in a young crowd. According to Insurantly, 23 percent of the total population are millennials and 60 percent of them are single. The study noted that Nashville’s single millennials “do well in the job market, with over 57 percent working in full-time jobs.” It also said the city’s low cost of living and emerging arts scene were other traits that attracted millennials.

Many would think New York City would have more single millennials, but that title actually belongs to New York’s capital, Albany. Nearly 21 percent of the total population is made up of millennials, and over 71 percent are single. Insurantly credited downtown Albany specifically for attracting millennials with its cocktail bars, beer gardens, craft coffee houses and winter-friendly outdoor activities.

The nation’s capital is home to a large millennial population of 23 percent. According to Insurantly, 66 percent of these millennials are single. “Well-educated young people flock to the Washington, D.C. area after college to find jobs and enjoy the big city life,” the study cited as a reason why this demographic is journeying to this area.


Despite having harsh winters, the “Windy City” is home to a booming millennial population as far as the Midwest goes. Nearly 23 percent of Chicago’s population is made up of millennials, and around 69 percent of this demographic is single, according to Insurantly. The study also cited Chicago’s affordability, robust public transportation system and nightlife as reasons why younger crowds choose to live in the city.

Austin, the “Live Music Capital of the World” surprisingly had the largest percentage of millennials on the list, according to Insurantly. Over a quarter of the population, 26.1 percent, are in this age group. Sixty-four percent qualify themselves as single.

The city’s flourishing entertainment and outdoor recreation scene were credited as reasons why millennials flock to this area. However, the study said its “burgeoning tech hub with plenty of high-paying job opportunities” is worth noting.


As a tech hub, it is only natural for San Francisco to be a popular destination for millennials. The city boasts a total millennial population of 24 percent, according to Insurantly, and 68 percent of that group consider themselves as single.

The study cited this area as having a number of high-paying jobs while also calling housing costs “exorbitant.” Despite this, the study asserted that millennials appreciate the Bay Area’s foodie scene and hundreds of bars.

Coming in at number two is the Big Apple. The millennial population in the New York metro area is a little over a fifth of the total population. Nearly 70 percent of those millennials are single.

Insurantly credits the city’s abundance of restaurants, bars, clubs and cultural centers as reasons why this area is great for adults who are looking for adventure. Though, the median income isn’t the highest on the list, the study said: “New York offers a consistent supply of high-paying jobs for young professionals — most notably in technology and finance.”

Snagging first place as the best millennial metropolis for singles is none other than Boston, according to Insurantly. Millennials make up 23.4 percent of the population here and with a large number having “high-paying jobs, and no shortage of entertainment.” A generous 69 percent of those millennials aren’t partnered up.