Tesla opening Supercharger network to cars from other brands

It could eventually lead to new revenue stream worth estimated $25B

Tesla has launched a pilot program to open its Supercharger network to cars from other brands for the first time, unlocking a potential new revenue stream.

A Tesla Supercharger station in Breukelen, Netherlands, is now open to use by cars from other brands. (Juinen/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The electric automaker revealed on Monday that 10 of its stations in The Netherlands are now available to non-Tesla owners for use through the Tesla app.

Shares were up sharply on Monday following the premarket announcement.

Ticker Security Last Change Change %
TSLA TESLA INC. 238.83 -1.25 -0.52%

Tesla began transitioning from a proprietary charging port design to the standardized CCS style that other automakers use in Europe in 2019, while its U.S. models and stations all still use the original connector, making it impossible to open up at this time.

Earlier this year, the German transport minister revealed his government was in talks with Tesla to open up the network, while Norway only offers government incentives for charging infrastructure that can be used by anyone, according to Electrek.

Tesla has not yet said why it chose The Netherlands as the trial location but said prices would be higher for non-Tesla vehicles.


In July, Goldman Sachs estimated that opening up the Supercharger network could eventually be worth $25 billion in additional annual revenue to Tesla.