Before Super Bowl, Coors Light creates commercial to trigger dreams of a beer ad

Using a technique called Targeted Dream Incubation to trigger a dream based on Coors Light and Coors Seltzer

Even your dreams will come with commercial breaks now.

Every year, companies try to top each other with the most memorable commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl. This year, however, once beer-maker is going above and beyond, trying to get people to dream about its ad instead.


Molson Coors announced in a press release that it created a film using specific audio and visual stimuli to “induce the most refreshing dream you’ll have all year.” According to the release, the company claims the footage can influence the dreams of the film’s viewers and trigger them to “dream the Coors Big Game Ad.”

The process is called Targeted Dream Incubation, and the company worked with Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a psychologist, author and dream expert, to bring the vision to life.

“I’ve studied dreams and methods to influence them throughout my career, but working with the artists of the Coors Dream Project was a novel opportunity to craft audio and visual stimuli that viewers could use to trigger specific dream content,” Barrett explained. "We saw the results come to life in the Dream Lab trial run when participants reported similar dream experiences including refreshing streams, mountains, waterfalls and even Coors itself.”

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Vice President of Marketing at Molson Coors, Marcelo Pascoa, said, “Targeted Dream Incubation is a never-before-seen form of advertising. Typically for big sports events, we see ads featuring over-the-top car chases, pyrotechnics, dramatic scenery and storylines, but with the Coors Big Game Dream, the dreamer is in the driver’s seat to create a chill, relaxing ad inspired by our visual and audio stimuli.”

The dream inspiring film will be released on February 3, giving viewers plenty of time to dream about Coors Light before the big game.