Oprah's Favorite Things 2019: Holiday gifts under $50

Beloved annual list focuses on health and wellness lifestyle products.

CBD spa treatments, white truffle oil and on-demand cocktails are a few of Oprah’s favorite things.

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The queen of all media has released the 23rd annual list of holiday must-haves with a heavy emphasis on wellness and treat yourself-inspired gifts to help everyone live their best life. This year’s list features 79 items, with 25 of them under $50 all available on Amazon.

“There’s a focus on sustainability, healthy living and wellness,” Adam Glassman, the creative director at O, The Oprah Magazine, told FOX Business. “There’s literally something for everyone at every price point.” O recommends a glass straw set over plastic, a streaming spin class subscription service and grapeseed cooking oil to name a few healthy options, a nod to the booming $4.2 trillion wellness industry. This year’s list, featured in the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, on newsstands Nov. 19 and on OprahMag.com, has 51 brand new vendors, and the vetting process started as early as March.

“Every single item has to be something Oprah personally likes and would either own herself or give it to someone in her life.  She smells everything, she tastes everything and she tries everything on.”

- Adam Glassman, Creative Director at O, The Oprah Magazine 

Oprah has released her coveted Favorite Things holiday shopping list. (Photo by Ruven Afanador).

Here are some of Oprah’s Favorite Things:

Flywheel home bike with a built-in tablet, $199​​​​​. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Flywheel home bike with a built-in tablet, $199

(20 percent off with code Oprah, plus monthly subscription).

Work out any time from the comfort of your own home. This home bike comes with a built-in tablet that streams live and on-demand spin classes ($39 per month).

Bartesian on-demand cocktail maker, $399. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

On-demand cocktails, $399 from Bartesian

This cocktail maker operates like a Keurig coffee machine -- simply pop in a pod, press a button and get instant drinks like a margarita or an old fashioned.

“It makes you your own personal cocktail; it’s like a mechanical bartender,” Glassman said. “It’s great for parties or anyone who just wants one drink.”

Footnanny Hemp Extract ($150). (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Footnanny Hemp Extract Spa Treatment set, $150

Oprah asked her favorite pedicurist, Footnanny Gloria Williams, to add a little CBD to her lotions to help provide pain relief and relaxation.

"Oprah said, 'you know what? CBD is in everything from toothpaste to water, why aren’t you putting it in your foot cream for women wearing heels when their feet kill?'" Glassman told FOX Business.

 BlendSmart2 Holiday Glow set, $98 (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

BlendSmart2 Holiday Glow set, $98

Oprah is already using this motorized makeup brush in her beauty routine, Glassman said. The mechanical brush lets users evenly apply moisturizers and makeup sans streaks or clumps for a flawless finish.

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker x Samsonite The Carried Away Convertible, $245. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker x Samsonite The Carried Away Convertible, $245

(now 20 percent off with code Oprah). 

Sarah Jessica Parker teamed up with luggage brand Samsonite to create this backpack with a built-in clutch that can be worn in five different ways, including as a crossbody and tote. Parker paid Oprah a surprise visit to personally demonstrate the bag’s versatility.

Oprah and Sarah Jessica Parker collaborated this year to feature a chic utility backpack. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine) ​

"She [Oprah] doesn’t always like surprises quite frankly, but we surprised her by having Sarah Jessica Parker show up.  Parker kept pulling things out of this backpack she was like Mary Poppins. We were blown away by how you can have your entire day in this bag," Glassman said.

Better Houseware extra-wide glass straw, $15 for five straws. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Better Houseware extra-wide glass straw, $15 for five straws 

(20 percent off with code Oprah).

Sip sustainably with these glass straws, the most affordable gift on the list for eco-friendly users who want to cut back on plastic use. These see-through glass straws are easy to clean thanks to a slender brush that comes with it, and they’re color-coded so guests won’t accidentally swap sips.

Cozy Earth Stretch-knit Bamboo Classic pajama set, $129. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Cozy Earth Stretch-knit Bamboo Classic pajama set, $129

(20 percent off with code Oprah).

These pajamas are made with breathable bamboo fabric to help the body regulate temperature.

Hex Clad Cookware Set, $499 (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Hex Clad Cookware Set, $499

Cook up your favorite recipes using these pots and pans that require little to no oil and butter. It comes with seven-pieces including a wok.

Salute Santé! Infused grapeseed oil gift set, $85. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Salute Santé! Infused grapeseed oil gift set, $85

This better-for-you cooking oil is infused with flavors like roasted garlic, white truffle, lemon, basil or chili making it perfect for marinades, dressings, and dips.

Vahdam Turmeric Tea Tales Assorted Gift Set, $40(Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Vahdam Turmeric Tea Tales Assorted Gift Set, $40

Oprah loves her chai. And now she’s spicing things up for gift-givers with this set of six turmeric chai teas blended with fruits, herbs, and spices. These teas give back too -- part of the profits go to educating children of the tea growers in India.

Prepster Emergency Backpack, $395. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Prepster Emergency Backpack, $395

This one bag holds all, so if a natural disaster strikes users will be prepared with essentials like batteries, a USB charger, water, and a toothbrush and items like a pop-up tube tent, bandages, rope and duct tape to face nature’s wildest elements. There’s even freeze-dried ice cream.

Warmies Slippers, $25 each. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Warmies Slippers, $25

(20 percent off with code Oprah). 

These slippers scream comfort and joy. They’re filled with French lavender and are meant to be heated up in the microwave for a minute to keep feet feeling warm and toasty.

House of Fluff Faux-fur shearling Explorers hats, $125. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

House of Fluff Faux-fur shearling Explorers hats, $125

This faux fur fashion accessory is made from 100 percent recycled consumer plastic and comes in four colors: pink, green, navy, and red.

Mini Luxe Pure Polish gift set, $99. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Mini Luxe Pure Polish gift set, $99

This set of nail polishes is free of eight potentially dangerous toxins. Oprah curated the colors, which range from neutrals to red.

Louis Sherry 12-piece Nutcracker tin with sea salt caramel truffles, $40. (Gregor Halenda/Oprah Magazine)

Louis Sherry 12-piece Nutcracker tin with sea salt caramel truffles, $40

(20 percent off with code Oprah)

These sweet treats were custom selected by O’s team to include milk and Belgian dark chocolate–covered caramels made with French sea salt for the perfect balance for sweet and salty.

Lands’ End Matching Christmas family pajamas, $12 to $50 each. 

Lands’ End Matching Christmas family pajamas, $12 to $50 each

(20 percent off with code Oprah)

Get the family camera ready Christmas morning with these flannel matching pajamas.


Oprah's annual list has catapulted small businesses over the years.  New York City-based Michael Bagley's hybrid pastry the Bruffin, a muffin and a brioche, was discovered by O's team in 2015 and earned a spot on the coveted list. Now, it's available nationwide, and the brand has since expanded to include jumbo cookie cakes and other snacks.

Jewelry maker Emma Johnson was just 16 when her line of keychains with letter initials Em John catapulted to success after making O's list. Glassman said she was able to pay her way through all four years of college at Boston University from earnings she made through the business.

"I like people to think of it as the icing of on the cake for their fourth quarter," Glassman said. "It’s a fabulous branding and marketing opportunity for them moving forward."