GM launching BrightDrop electric van and delivery system brand

Electric cargo vehicles on sale this year

General Motors is getting into the electric delivery van business this year with a vehicle that will be sold under the new BrightDrop brand, the automaker announced during a CES presentation on Tuesday.

The EV600 uses the same Ultium battery-powered platform as the upcoming GMC HUMMER EV and will provide up to 250 miles of driving range along with over 600 cubic feet of cargo space and a suite of active driver-assist systems.

Production is set to begin by the end of 2021, with FedEx signed on as the first customer for the van, which will compete with electric offerings from the likes of Ford, Mercedes and Rivan in the coming years.

Along with the EV600, BrightDrop will offer an electric pallet called the EP1 that can carry 200 pounds of cargo to and from the vehicle as it is guided by a human at speeds up to 3 mph.


FedEx EVP Richard Smith said the company has already been testing the device and said it has allowed workers to move 25 percent more packages than usual.

A BrightDrop dealer network will be developed and additional products offered in the future, possibly including a van with a built-in loading and unloading system for multiple EP1s.