Scotch whisky pods: A modern take on the traditional cocktail

Scotch whisky is no longer bound by bottles. The Glenlivet, a nearly 200-year-old traditional distillery, is now putting cocktails in edible capsules.

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The product — which is a small, square-shaped, edible pouch filled with whisky — is being released for a limited time only as part of this year’s London Cocktail Week which runs from Oct. 4 - Oct. 13.

The Glenlivet “Capsule Collection” was developed using technology from sustainable packaging company, Notpla. The company uses seaweed as the base for its “Ooho” beverage package. It calls the biodegradable packet “ideal for on the go consumption.”

The Capsule Collection offers three flavors: citrus, wood and spice flavors crafted by the award-winning bartenders and co-owners of Tayer, according to Scotsman Food and Drink.

These cocktails use whisky from the distiller’s Founder’s Reserve which is a single malt scotch made using “time-honored distillation methods” that The Glenlivet founder, George Smith, “introduced so long ago.” In this new drink option, The Glenlivet combines its traditional whisky with a modern method of beverage drinking.

According to Food & Wine, The Glenlivet capsules have not yet been approved in the United States, however, that may change in the near future.