This beverage may be the 'millennial soda,' experts say

Rohan Oza and Brett Thomas, co-founders and managing partners of CAVU Venture Partners, said they are betting on a non-sugary beverage they describe as the "millennial soda" to grow profits on Thursday's Liz Claman’s "The Claman Countdown."

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That beverage is kombucha.

“What I call it? Millenial soda.”

- Rohan Oza, CAVU venture partner

Kombucha is a fermented black or green tea filled with probiotics, natural sugar, antioxidants and caffeine. It doesn’t have caramel color, Biphenal-A, high-fructose corn syrup and other chemicals that some people are trying to limit or avoid right now.

“My niece drinks this like I used to drink Pepsi,” Oza said.

Oza and Thomas backed numerous companies such as Bai and Vitamin Water. They recently invested in 'Beyond Meat,' which is a plant-based company. The investment firm partners are betting the odds are in their favor when they decided to invest in this health-conscious drink. They often try to promote healthy foods and drinks to their investors.

Photo: CAVU Venture Partners

Oza and Thomas have partnered with other businesses and celebrities such as baby food brand, Once Upon a Farm, and actress Jeniffer Garner to promote healthy food consumption for children and babies as well.

Once Upon a Farm has "a huge social mission in helping children and babies have better food, right?" Thomas said. "It's a category creator. They have a path to profitability and a great growth rate. So, it could absolutely be a path but also large strategic acquisition, right?"


The business duo gave credit to their youthful team when it comes to promoting ideas that generate interest amongst younger generations.

"I think it's a few things — one, it's who you surround yourself by," Oza said. "As I'm getting older ... we have a great team at CAVU who are young guns that go spot talent. So, some of the brands you're seeing here were found by some of our teammates."