Fruit jelly cups recalled over potential choking hazard, FDA warns

Comercial Mexicana Internacional Inc. issued the recall, per the FDA

One company is recalling fruit jelly cups over a potential choking hazard, the Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday.

Comercial Mexicana Internacional Inc. in Bethpage, N.Y. is recalling Tropique assorted fruit jelly cups with seaweed extract after they were found to pose a choking hazard in kids, per the FDA announcement.

“If you purchased this product, do not eat it and don’t give it to your children,” the FDA warned. “Return them to the store where you purchased them, or throw them away in a sealed package inside a secure garbage can with a tight-fitting lid.”

The products under the recall come in assorted flavors, like strawberry. 
(Photo courtesy of FDA)

The products under the recall are “Tropique assorted fruit jelly bag” and “Tropique jelly animal jar” labeled to expire Sept. 17, 2021 and Jan. 18, 2022, respectively.


These jelly cups, which come in assorted flavors like strawberry and pineapple, were sold in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania retail stores, the agency wrote. The cups come in a plastic green bag and each pack has nine plastic jelly cups. The other product is a large jelly jar with 22 cups inside the container.

(Photo courtesy of FDA)

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