Facebook's Zuckerberg's office, associates hit with bombshell accusations in scathing report

Accusations against Zuckerberg, his family and associates have been made over the last 3 years

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg's family office has been hit with a litany of serious misconduct allegations, ranging from assault to sexual harassment to transphobia, a scathing Business Insider report revealed.

The accusations against Zuckerberg's family office and associates, have been made over the last three years and include assault from a top Zuckerberg aid, sexual harassment from a different staffer, misconduct and racism, Business Insider exclusively reported.

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"Sadly, these anonymous allegations are a collection of unfounded rumors, exaggerations, and half-truths which unfairly malign several of our valued employees," reads a statement provided by family office spokesperson Ben LaBolt. "We believe that these allegations have been advanced by a small group of disgruntled former employees who are attempting to defame the family office after the family office refused their demands for multi-million dollar payments following their separation of employment."

None of the allegations ever escalated to the point of going to court, the article states, and only some rose to the level of police involvement.

But the Zuckerberg-Chan family office is under fire for its alleged lack of response. The outlet’s sources describe how the family appeared to be more focused on maintaining their privacy and their lifestyle.

The earliest instance of misconduct was in 2017, when one of the family’s female assistants claimed she was assaulted by a colleague – one of Zuckerberg’s top aides  while in Hawaii at Zuckerberg’s ranch.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019, on Facebook's impact on the financial services and housing sectors. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


The pair went out to dinner with a group before returning to his house on Zuckerberg’s expansive property. They were drinking at the guest home with they began arguing.

When she woke up, the woman had an injury to the back of her head. She admitted she didn’t remember every detail of the night, but said he had assaulted her, and asked another employee to take her to the hospital.

"When she called she was frantic and terrified," the employee recalled to cops, according to the report. "She told me she was attacked by [the male employee] but did not tell me how."

Meanwhile, the man accused told police she was drunk and pushed him before leaving.

Police looked into the incident as a misdemeanor assault, but charges were never filed, Business Insider reported.


The family office also hired a law firm to conduct an outside investigation, the spokesperson said.

“Based on this investigation, there was no basis to conclude that the injury was caused by a co-worker,” the spokesperson said.

Several employees at Weststreet, which encompasses all of the Zuckerberg family office’s limited liability companies, accused the family office’s security head of making inappropriate remarks, particularly those of a homophobic, racist, sexually inappropriate and transphobic nature, Business Insider reported. In one instance, the exec allegedly referred to a transgender person as “it.”

The accused staffer later left the company, the spokesperson said.


Two of the alleged incidents were reported and the accusers are now reportedly working with an attorney.

Another security employee allegedly asked a colleague to bend down so she could look at her backside, the outlet reported. Meanwhile, a contracted staffer said a medical worker once told her he “wanted to have sex with her,” according to the report. Despite her claims that she reported the incident, the family office spokesperson told FOX Business she “was never our employee” and “HR personnel have no record of receiving any complaint from her.”