The best companies to work for in 2022

Bain & Company, Google and Apple have stayed on Glassdoor's annual list for 14 years

Multinational technology firm Nvidia has been dubbed the best company to work for in 2022, according to Glassdoor. 

Nvidia nabbed the top spot amongst the top 100 largest U.S. employers on Glassdoor's "Best Places to Work in 2022" list, receiving a rating of 4.6 out of 5. This marks the eighth time the company has found itself on Glassdoor's list. 

By comparison, the average rating of the nearly 2 million employers reviewed on the website is 3.7.


An Nvidia software architect from Santa Clara, California, commended the company saying that the work is both "challenging and meaningful." The employee also praised the company for the benefits it offers.  

Likewise, another employee, also from Santa Clara, said that the company is an "excellent" place to work. 

"They take great care of their employees, have a wonderful work environment and believe fully in you," a senior GPU architect said.  

Glassdoor's 14th annual Employees’ Choice Awards helped to cultivate the "Best Places to Work in 2022" list, which highlighted a range of industries from technology, retail, finance, biotech and pharmaceuticals, health care to consulting, travel and tourism. 


Each year, employees voluntarily provide anonymous feedback on Glassdoor about their job, the environment and their employer. 

This year, Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong said employers on the list are listening and responding to the feedback from employees in order to "truly put their people first."

"It’s inspiring to see these employers step up during the pandemic to expand and grow company cultures where employees feel supported and valued in and out of work," Sutherland-Wong said.

Overall, 40 technology companies made the list, up from 28 in 2021. 

Notably, six biotech and pharmaceutical employers made it on this year’s list, including companies that have been working to eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years such as Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. 

Some companies, like Bain & Company, Google and Apple, have remained a staple on this list for the last 14 years. However, for 36 companies, including Rivian, ServiceNow, Visa Inc. and Estée Lauder Companies, the 2022 list is a first. 

Here are the top 10 best places to work amongst large U.S. employers: 

  1. Nvidia
  2. HubSpot
  3. Bain & Company
  4. eXp Realty
  5. Box
  6. Boston Consulting Group
  7. Google
  8. Veterans United Home Loans
  9. Lululemon
  10. Salesforce

Glassdoor also breaks down a list highlighting the best places to work for small- and medium-sized companies.

Here are the top five best small- and medium-sized companies to work for in 2022. 

  1. KlientBoost
  2. Grover Gaming
  3. 6sense
  4. LifeOmic
  5. Grin