Investing in your skills: How to earn while you learn

The White House will be hosting the Pledge to America's Workers Event late Thursday afternoon, and one of the featured guests spoke to FOX Business' Stuart Varney about his personal success story and how others can easily follow in suit.

"It was not an easy task," said featured guest and Instrument Fitter Tim Gros, "Somewhat sleepless nights. But it was well worth it."

Tim Gros of ISC Constructors L.L.C. learned many of his skills by enrolling in the Pelican chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors in Louisiana, after forgoing college. While in the builders association, Gros worked and trained in electrical and industrial instrumentation.

Gros urged others searching to progress in their career to research local Associated Builders and Contractors chapters in their area because of how he has benefitted.

"It's an investment in yourself that you're not going to be able to lose it," Gros said, "You can still earn your paycheck. You earn while you learn."

The best part of the program is that you can still work full time and gain these skills Gros said. The Associated Builders and Contractors is a national construction industry trade association representing more than 21,000 members.

After getting his credentials through the program, Gros is also earning much more. He now makes 24-percent more than he did within the last year, earning $26 an hour.

The White House tweeted this morning that the National Association of Manufacturers is pledging to give 1,186,000 American workers opportunities for "training and development that will enhance their skills and prepare them for the next step on their career journey."


When asked if he was grateful for President Trump's work, Gros said that he was.

"I am grateful that he's made this pledge to the American worker to have us trained, re-trained and you know, upscaled," he said. "It's well worth the pledge, and we appreciate, I appreciate it."