GM reinstates health care coverage for striking workers

General Motors is reinstating health care coverage for its striking hourly workers, effective immediately, the company confirmed to FOX Business on Thursday.

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It's unclear whether GM made the decision because it received negative press or if the company and United Auto Workers are closing in on a final agreement.

The UAW criticized GM last week after the company said the union will have to pay for striking workers' health care. The union was ready to make payments out of its strike and defense fund, however.

"GM is very concerned about the significant confusion caused around our employee's health care coverage. Throughout this negotiation, GM has said that our number one focus was on the well-being of our employees. That remains the case today," the company told FOX Business.

Bob Pevec, right, a 20-year GM employee, pickets outside the General Motors Fabrication Division in Parma, Ohio, Sept. 23, 2019, . (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

"Given this confusion, GM has chosen to work with our providers to keep all benefits fully in place for striking hourly employees, so they have no disruption to their medical care, including vision, prescription and dental coverage," GM said.

The company advised striking hourly employees to submit insurance claims.

"It should not have taken stories about UAW GM workers who faced losing their cancer drugs or postponing their surgery dates for GM to see their workers as human beings, not pawns on a chess board," Jason Kaplan, a representative of the UAW, told FOX Business.

FOX Business' Grady Trimble contributed to this report.