ObamaCare burning out doctors, Dr. Marc Siegel says

Anxiety is a real problem for American physicians, Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel told FOX Business while discussing alarming results from a nationwide survey.

The report, conducted by Medscape, surveyed 15,000 doctors and revealed nearly half of medical professionals said they would consider leaving the field in the past year because they are too stressed out.

“This is a reputable survey,” said Dr. Siegel to FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Thursday. “This is a huge ticket item, it’s true.”

In his opinion, Obamacare bureaucratic overlay and medical record keeping is the “real issue.”

“When they passed ObamaCare, guess what they did simultaneously?” he asked.  “They made us make everything electronic health records and that takes us on average, according to recent studies, an extra hour or two a day.”


Dr. Siegel added that doctors are calling this “pajama time,” because they are going home to work on a computer instead of spending time with the family.

Rounding out the top specialties most burned out were critical care, neurology, family medicine, ob/gyn and internal medicine.