Moderna chief medical officer: COVID mandates meant to protect health care systems

Dr. Paul Burton says real issue is omicron's transmissibility

Moderna Chief Medical Officer Dr. Paul Burton, in a wide-ranging interview on "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" Friday, suggested COVID-19 omicron measures and data make people anxious, and government mandates are aimed at protecting health care systems.

FOX BUSINESS HOST NEIL CAVUTO: I'm just wondering if these types of reactions are actually making people more anxious.

DR. PAUL BURTON: I think they probably are. I think the data are making people anxious ... You mentioned it earlier. Transmission is very high.

I think what everybody has to do, what governments are trying to do, states are trying to do, is to protect the health care systems. They want to try and keep beds open throughout winter. People will get sick from many other things, and we need to protect everybody. So the measures that are being taken, I think, are very important. We can do those simple things, but this is not a time now to let our guard down.