Consequences of remote learning are 'severe' for students: Former HHS secretary

School closures has increased mental health challenges, suicide among students of all ages, says Dr. Tom Price

Former Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price told FOX Business "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" Friday that the impact of schools remaining closed due to the coronavirus pandemic has been "severe," leading to an "increase in mental health challenges" among students.


DR. TOM PRICE: "There's no doubt about it. And finally, we're getting the CDC and others to catch up to where we've been in many areas across the country, especially in private or parochial schools where they've been in class, often times with with no physical distancing, but wearing masks, making certain that they're careful along that line. But the transmission rate among students, especially in elementary school, is is significantly low. And so there really isn't a significant increase for those individuals. The risk, as you mentioned, is ... among staff. So the staff needs to continue their wearing of masks and obviously their physical distancing. But this is a ... good recommendation. This is a step in the right direction. And hopefully we'll be able to get all students across the country back to school regardless of where they attend ...


Well, I think it's important, as they always say, to follow the science and the science again, with all of this data, with all of this information now clearly recommends that there is no reason why you can't have full classrooms, especially in elementary school and in middle and high school, when there's not a significant incidence of transmission of the disease within the community, full classrooms and full ability to be able to teach students that this is incredibly important because the consequences of not being in school, in the classroom are ... severe for kids. We're seeing an increase in depression and increase in mental health challenges, an increase in suicides in high school students, an increase in just mental health or behavioral health challenges throughout age groups and kids. So getting back in class, getting back into school is incredibly important for all students of any age ...

Well, we are on track without it, as you've noted, by increasing the number ... of vaccines being able to be administered in this country, but this is good news about AstraZeneca. I would tell folks that that the challenge that they've had is not necessarily unexpected with ... there was an incidence of blood clots in in blood disorders in some individuals that received the AstraZeneca injection. Some nations stopped or delayed the continued administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Some did not. The EU yesterday or the day before came out and said that that it was all right to proceed, noting that the incidence of the blood clot, the blood disorder that occurred with the AstraZeneca, with the temporal relationship to the vaccine administration, was actually lower than in the in the general population that had not received the vaccine. So I think it's important for folks to understand that these are safe, these are effective, and it's important to proceed. And I'm pleased to see Prime Minister Johnson going ahead and getting his AstraZeneca vaccine so that he can demonstrate to the entire nation and to the world that it's safe to proceed."