'Medicare for all' will lead to rationing and stagnant care: Kennedy

Polls are by and large dumb, but every once in a while one comes out that gives you deadly pee shivers.

A new Reuters poll shows a stunning 70 percent of Americans support this deceptive crap basket known as Medicare for all. I, for one, don’t Medi-care for it.

The staggering $30 trillion price tag doesn’t dissuade the idealists from a one-size-fits-all, budget-gobbling monstrosity. Sadly the one size is zero, because that’s the kind of economic growth we’ll be saddled with once we commit to this unrefundable entitlement.

We all know what happens with socialized medicine: rationing and stagnant care.

In Canada, wait times to see specialists have skyrocketed almost 200 percent, and you have to sit on your abscess for an average of four months to see someone about your cancer or infection or bum knee.

You think millennials want to wait for any kind of medicine or procedure, let alone an Uber? Not a chance, but these non-voting utopians are the ones leading the hollow charge.

Do you know who pays for socialized medicine? You do. And do you know what people do when they think it’s abundantly free? They loot.

If you thought car maintenance was covered by Uncle Sam and you never saw a bill, what would keep your from getting new brakes every few months? And when it finally sets in that your crippling tax bill is going to saturated-fat huffing zombies who now have no financial incentive to lean up, you are powerless to shame anyone out of their Mountain Dew despite your strong desire to slap the Doritos out of an old lady’s hand.

According to a new Fox News poll, health care is now the number one issue on voters minds, thanks to cruel Democrats and their Obamacare-lessness and Republican ineptitude to come up with anything better.

Now the best alternative to those whistling past the graveyard is the worst possible choice: Medicare for all and justice for none.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (Kennedy) joined FOX Business Network (FBN) as a contributor in 2012 and is the host of the primetime program, Kennedy, which airs Monday through Thursday at 8PM/ET on the Fox Business Network.