Is raising a vegan child dangerous?

Is raising a vegan child dangerous? Doctors in Belgium say that parents raising children as vegans should be jailed because they're forcing kids a lifestyle amounts to ill-treatment.

However, family medicine Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, has a different opinion.

"To say that we're [going to] jail parents for doing this without any evidence of harming the child --I think that's a little bit overstepping," Varshavski, known as Dr. Mike, told FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday.

It is estimated that three percent of Belgian children are raised vegan, which excludes eggs, meat, dairy, honey, and all other ingredients that are produced using animals from their diets, according the Royal Academy of Medicine in Belgium.


Although Dr. Mike does not generally recommend the regimen to young children, newborns, or pregnant moms, he does think that there’s a healthy way to have a vegan-based lifestyle.

"If you're doing it with a dietician or a doctor where you're getting regular blood tests, you're supplementing the vitamins and minerals that you're not getting from the foods." Dr. Varshavski said.

Dr. Mike added that the most important vitamins to include in a vegan diet are calcium, iron, vitamin D, and B12.