Employees need these 3 things in the workplace to find happiness, expert says

A leading expert in human resources says there are three key things employers need to do in order to help workers find satisfaction in the workplace.

Brightfox founder and CEO Deena Fox joined Maria Bartiromo on "Mornings with Maria," explaining it's about creating a relationship with employees.

"I think happiness is the result of employers creating a great employee experience," Fox said. "The employment relationship is like any other relationship in our lives, and it requires engagement from both sides."

Here are the three things to cultivate it, according to Fox:

1. Help employees find meaning and purpose at work

"They have to find that the work that they're doing is meaningful, they actually enjoy it - they can leverage the skillset that they have today to contribute to their role."

- Brightfox founder and CEO Deena Fox 

2. Employees need opportunities to learn and grow

3. Create an environment that allows a sense of community and belonging at work

To hear what Fox thinks the biggest mistake managers can make - watch the video above.