Winners of the B2B Oscars for Marketing

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OpenView Marketing Labs just announced the winners of its B2B Oscars, a competition aimed at highlighting the best marketing videos of the year from B2B companies.

Here’s a look at the videos that topped the list:

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1. Intel’s “Look Inside, Jack Andraka”

Intel’s video took the prize for best viral video, and has over 2 million views, according to YouTube. The video features the true story of 15-year-old Jack Andraka, who won the grand prize at the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair after inventing an early detection method for cancer. Tip: Don’t watch if you don’t have tissues handy.

2. Lattice Engine’s “Predictive Lead Scoring Overview”

Predictive marketing and sales analytics company Lattice won the prize for best explainer video. The New York-based company merges bubbly animations with clear explanations in its video to help break down complicated concepts regarding data science.

3. Wistia’s “2013 Rap Up”

Professional video hosting startup Wistia knows the video space well – and it shows. Its impressively edited “rap” video won the prize for best culture video. And the song is surprisingly catchy, consider yourself warned.

4. Salesforce’s “Leviev’s Success Story”

According to OpenView, Salesforce takes customer testimonial videos to a whole new level with this video – and it’s hard to disagree. With this video featuring jewelry company Leviev, Salesforce is able to elegantly show how its products can help smaller businesses succeed. It won the best-customer-success-story title.

5. ExactTarget’s “100 Inspiring Subject Lines”

Salesforce subsidiary ExactTarget also nabbed a prize, for best call-to-action video. The digital marketing company’s video featured some catchy subject lines, which OpenView says gives viewers “a compelling taste of what to expect when they click.” Do you agree?

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