Why Superhero Films Make the Big Bucks

Superhero movies bring in big bucks for film studios. ‘Deadpool’ is the second highest grossing R-rated film ever, and superhero movies take three of the top ten spots on the list of highest grossing films of all time.

This year DC Entertainment is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman, as the new film featuring actress Gal Gadot is expected to roll out next summer. Jim Lee, publisher of DC Entertainment, says that the main reason fans love Wonder Woman is that she was created as her own superhero, not as someone’s wife or girlfriend. He chatted with FOXBusiness.com at the 2016 New York Comic Con, a convention that attracts over 200,000 fans to see the latest comic related attractions. DC Entertainment had a booth decked out in the costumes for the upcoming Wonder Woman film along with sketches of historic Wonder Woman costumes.

DC Entertainment will also introduce special stamps in honor of Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary.

It seems that film studios just can’t get enough of superheroes, consistently putting out revival films year after year. Several actors have played the famous Batman over the years, with the latest installation featuring Ben Affleck. But the original television Batman, Adam West, is making a comeback this year in the animated film ‘Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.’ “Every generation needs some kind of hero,” West told FOXBusiness.com at Comic Con.

Superhero films scheduled for release in the coming years include Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Doctor Strange, Wolverine 3, and the Black Panther.