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Anthony Scaramucci

Why Scott Walker Can Win the White House

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With Scott Walker’s bid for the Presidency official we could finally be set for the end of the damaging post-Reagan era. The four leaders during this period, which began on Jan 20, 1989 with the election of President George H.W. Bush and has continued through President Barack Obama, have over-promised and under-delivered their way to $13 trillion in deficit spending. If America chooses to prolong the recent monarchy with a Bush-Clinton general election, the age of post-Reaganism will continue. If we have the courage to go in a different direction, the process of American renewal and reformation can truly begin. I think, ultimately, the post-Reagan era will end with Scott Walker being elected the 45th President of the United States.

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If you grew up like I did on Long Island in the early 1970s, chances are you went to the Commack Circus. My Nana used to take me. While the elephants were always fun, my favorite part was the clown car. I could never figure out how they got so many clowns out of that tiny car. Today, I am witnessing the same sort of trick happening in my political party. The biggest challenge for television networks will be figuring out how to fit them all on a stage.

Mind you, the Republican candidates aren't all clowns; it is perhaps the deepest lineup of accomplished political figures in a generation. Most are eager to help restore the promise of America, a place that is young, free and full of opportunity. Many have balanced budgets and come up with new ways to make government more efficient. While some would make great cabinet members (Governor Bush, say, as Secretary of Education) there is only one that can and will stand up to Hillary Clinton and become the 45th President. That is Scott Walker.

The post-Reagan era has been defined by overspending as the result of ideological overpromises. Each of the four presidents, with the exception of the elder President Bush, were baby boomers. As a baby boomer myself I can tell you we are part of the have-it-all generation. We pretend never to age and often do our best to avoid sacrifice. So, of course we would elect presidential avatars to carry on that mentality at the executive level. As a result, we have run up trillions in new deficit spending, destroyed most of our public school educational infrastructure, plunged the Middle East into chaos with little benefit to homeland security, extended the sense of entitlement in our society and continued to fight a misguided, losing war on poverty.

There are two candidates in the 2016 Presidential race that will deliver more of the same, who are working with political consultants right now to spin their message, which in reality is a continuation of the same failed path we've been on. The American people are ready to try something genuinely different and nobody is more genuine than Scott Walker. He guarantees a no-nonsense path back to the values on which our country was built. Scott is an honest reformer willing to take on difficult issues and make tough decisions today that will yield a better future for our children and grand-children.

Not only is he the right leader for our country, but he can win. The Governor has won three elections in four years in the blue state of Wisconsin because his constituents recognize his ideas aren't radical; they're based on common sense. Tens of millions of dollars and thousands of protesters couldn't stand in the way of his electoral victories. Democrats are most worried about Scott Walker because he has told the voters the truth about how to fix our problems and they have responded with resounding approval. He is winning votes across party lines and ideologies.

Governor Walker has marshaled his immense executive skills to benefit Wisconsin, but what the American public is now going to witness are his skills as a strategist. He will focus on safety (his term for national security), economic opportunity and restoring our national confidence. His strategic vision will be something we haven't seen since 1980. Are you ready for it?

Scott Walker is going to tell people the truth, not with bombastic and self-congratulatory language, but in that endearing Midwestern way. Then he is going to do other things that will surprise everyone; execute a plan that strengthens our military, protects our elderly and takes on systemic problems that most politicians are unwilling to touch due to cozy relationships with special interests.

Once the American people get a chance to meet Scott Walker for themselves, they will realize why so many are so excited about his vision for the future. I support Scott Walker. Let's not fool ourselves any more with over-promises and platitudes. The post-Reagan era is over and the era of reform and renewal beckons. Scott Walker will be the 45th President.

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