Why a Robot May Soon (Happily) Take Your Job

Congratulations, all you minimum wage protesters. Companies are finally paying up. Unfortunately, just as they're throwing you ... out.

And all because of something you couldn't figure out: Robots. You're being replaced by robots.

Rosie the robot is now cleaning your clocks, which is weird, because the Jetson's maid never really had to punch in. She was always there ... a permanent presence.

And the news today says she's about to become a very ubiquitous presence. As a professor on Wednesday made this bold and very scary prediction: robotics will be the wave of the future (and a lot of minimum wage workers WON’T be the wave of that future.)

He points to the signs, such as fast-food joints that have automatic drink dispensers, even automatic check-out.

I'm telling you, at the rate we're going... those burgers? We'll be the ones cooking. Which brings me back to protesters.

You have every right to complain... and every right to demand. Neither, unfortunately, guarantees your right... to a job.

Low pay, high pay, here's the reality...the world is automating. And at our lowest and most un-trained level, you've now succeeded in automating your way right out of a livelihood.

Because that's the thing about robots, they don't complain much in the long-term, and they really don’t cost much...certainly not nearly as much as you.