What's On Our Radar: December 16, 2016


Star Wars Hits the Theaters

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The Rotten Tomatoes certified fresh, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, hits the big screen today, and is expected to rake in record-breaking sales opening night. Fox’s own Michael Tammero sat down with director Gareth Edwards to discuss the movie as it opens around the country, today at 2pm on The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan!

Obama Press Conference

President Barack Obama is scheduled to take the podium today at 2:15pm ET before heading out on his annual family vacation in Hawaii, according to the White House. Make sure to tune in to Fox Business as we take you there live!

Dow 20K Watch

The markets have been rising at a record pace since the election, but the wait continues to make history as the Dow slowly creeps towards 20,000. Don’t miss Countdown to the Closing Bell beginning today at 3pm ET for the latest updates on Wall Street.

Fake News

Facebook has been under scrutiny for its fake news epidemic that some claim helped influence the election. However, the social media platform has now called on outside organizations to help minimize the presence and prominence of fake news on people’s news feeds. It appears Facebook is now toying with the idea of fact-checking news that appears on the social-networking site, something co-founder Mark Zuckerberg recently was against.

Don’t miss Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton as she breaks down the impact and controversy that surrounds fake news, beginning today at 5pm ET.

Trump’s Thank You Tour

President-elect Donald Trump is taking the stage once again tonight at 7pm ET in Orlando, Florida, as the thank you tour continues! Dobbs’ has you covered in a special Lou Dobbs Tonight, beginning tonight at 7pm ET.

Obama Threatens Russia

The United States has promised to retaliate against Russia “at a time and place of our own choosing” for their role in trying to influence the elections process, President Obama said during an interview with National Public Radio. Varney & Co. has expert insight and analysis today at 9am ET as Russian hacking concerns continue to grow.

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