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'The Wire' actor J.D. Williams on Baltimore

'The Wire' Actor J.D. Williams discusses tensions in Baltimore.

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Today's Guests

  • J.D. Williams

    "The Wire" Actor

  • Craig Fravel

    The Breeder's Cup CEO

  • Laura Wisland

    Union of Concerned Scientists Senior Energy Analyst

  • Hadley Harris

    Eniac Ventures Founding General Partner

  • Pete Snyder

    Disruptor Capital CEO

  • Peter Shankman

    "Zombie Loyalists" Author

  • Drew Silverstein

    Amper Music Co-Founder and CEO


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Elevator Pitch: Amper Music

Elevator Pitch: Amper Music

Disruptor CEO Pete Snyder, Eniac Ventures Founding General Partner Hadley Harris and ‘Zombie Loyalists’ author Peter Shankman discuss whether they would invest in Amper Music with co-founder Drew Silverstein.

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