Were Stolen NSA Codes Leaked by ‘Another Snowden?’

Top secret tools used by the National Security Agency  are believed to be have been leaked by a group calling itself the “Shadow Brokers.”

The “Shadow Factory” author James Bamford said he wouldn’t be surprise if the hack was caused by someone within the NSA.

“All indications are that this probably came from somebody from the inside, not somebody from the outside, and certainly not the Russians,” Bamford said during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast.

The leaked toolkits, believed to be authentic, provided an inside look at the hacking toolkit of the NSA's hacker unit from 2013. Bamford is convinced someone from within the agency is responsible for the security breach – an incident similar to the one in which Edward Snowden walked away with 1.7 million NSA documents.

“After Snowden left, there was another leak that people didn’t really notice because they blamed it on Snowden but it wasn’t really Snowden. It was the actual catalog to these [hacking] tools,” Bamford told host Charles Payne.

Bamford concluded that whoever took the catalogs to the tools after Snowden must have taken the hacking tools and tricks.