Voters Showed Their Frustration, But Did Washington Listen?

Guess what... they stink!

And by "they" I mean Congress--that's according to a new Gallup poll out today on how Americans feel Congress is doing these days.

Just 13% of those polled say they approve of how Congress is handling things. The poll shows 83% outright disapproving of lawmakers’ job performance--that's another record.

The previous low of 14% came during the height of the recession in July of 2008.

The poll broke things down further: only 16% of Democrats, the party with the majority for the last few years, checked the approve column. In October, the number was more than twice that high!

No surprise: A whopping 7% of Republicans gave a “thumbs up” to the governing body--slightly lower than the last few months.

These numbers come as those on Capitol Hill continue to live down to the lowest expectations during this lame-duck session. Waiting until the last possible minute to address expiring tax cuts and then filling the legislation with ridiculous earmarks and introducing a separate trillion-dollar spending bill.

If history is any indication, the numbers could go up soon. During the last Republican revolution, Congress' approval rating rose 10 points in January 1995, and back when the Dems took over in 2007 it rose 14 points.

I'm no political strategist, and I've never worked on Capitol Hill, but let me go out on a limb as to why approval ratings go up after elections: Voters actually believe the new guys will listen to what we had to say...let's hope we're right this time!

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