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Capitol Hill

Obama set to unveil new budget proposal

Senator Chuck Grassley, (R-Iowa), weighs in on President Obama’s budget proposal and attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch.

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  1. Obama wants new taxes on wealthy

    Rep. Diane Black, (R-TN), on the new tax plan President Obama is expected to announce in the State of the Union speech.

  2. Will Democrats bite on Obama’s tax plan?

    Rep. David Jolly, (R-FL), discusses President Obama’s State of the Union, his proposed tax plan and filmmaker Michael Moore’s comments on the movie ‘American Sniper.’

  3. Boston protesters block area highway

    Fox News Contributor Angela McGlowan discusses the protests blocking part of a highway in the Boston-area, and Al Sharpton.

  4. Rev. Jesse Jackson on calls for more diversity in business

    Rainbow PUSH Coalition President Rev. Jesse Jackson and Ariel Investments CEO John Rogers on efforts to boost diversity at all levels of business.

  5. How can the GOP get around Obama’s veto power?

    Rep. Mo Brooks, (R-AL), on how to defend against Obama’s vetoes and the bills he wants stopped.

  6. House Dems pushing new re-distributions plan?

    ‘Special Report’ host Bret Baier on the Democrats pushing for more taxes to start a new re-distribution plan and a gas tax hike.

  7. Stossel 12/25/2014: Best of 2014

    Stossel looks back at some of his attempts in 2014 to tell the truth

  8. President Obama the ‘Obstructionist-in-Chief’?

    Rep. Mike Kelly, (R-PA), weighs in on President Obama and the Keystone Pipeline bill.

  9. Will John Boehner remain Speaker of the House?

    Rep. Thomas Massie discusses politics in Washington and explains why he wants a new House speaker.

  10. Can the NYC Mayor fix tensions with the NYPD?

    Washington Free Beacon writer Ellison Barber and Newsday columnist Ellis Henican discuss the anti-police brunch protests and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s relationship with the NYPD.

  11. Obama like FDR in final two years in office?

    Historian and author Douglas Brinkley discusses Obama’s last two years as president, the incoming GOP Congress and the movie ‘Selma.’

  12. Rep. Blackburn: Net neutrality rules will be damaging

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn, (R-Tenn.), gives her stance on the net neutrality debate.

  1. Bret Baier on President Obama’s budget proposal

    ‘Special Report’ Anchor Bret Baier discusses what President Obama hopes to achieve with the end of the sequester.

  2. Dobbs: Mr. Holder’s conduct has been scandalous

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Attorney General Eric Holder and the confirmation hearing of Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.

  3. President Obama pulls 529 tax plan

    Rep. Kristi Noem, (R-S.D.), on President Obama dropping the idea of taxing earnings of the 529 college saving account, and talks trade deals.

  4. Obama discusses racism in U.S. in final India speech

    FNC political analyst Doug Schoen and FNC contributor Monica Crowley on President Obama and Speaker Boehner.

  5. DOJ spying on your car?

    Rep. Tim Walberg, (R-MI), weighs in on the state of the U.S. economic recovery and the DOJ’s national car database with real-time tracking.

  6. Obama’s tax plan going to cause class warfare?

    Senator Orrin Hatch, (R – Utah), on how Obama’s tax plan could fuel class warfare, and on education and income tax rates.

  7. GOP, FCC battle over Internet regulation

    FBN’s Rich Edson breaks down the House hearing on the government’s role in setting rules for the Internet.

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