Using mockery amidst suffering is plain stupid: Stuart Varney

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Liberal media holds us in contempt: Stuart Varney

FBNs Stuart Varney sounds off on the Politico cartoon that mocks Harvey victims.

They just can't help themselves. They are so contemptuous of Christians, conservatives, Republicans and the president, that they spew out their venom and think it’s funny or poignant or cutting edge.

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I'm referring to the secular humanists who dominate the media, and the coastal cultural elites.

Case in point: Politico. It’s a liberal website. It has published a cartoon, it mocks Christians and flood victims. It shows a backwoods Texan and the Confederate flag. I don't think it’s very funny, a lot of people find it offensive. Let’s face it, using mockery at a time of dreadful suffering is just plain stupid.

Oh but it reveals so much. There is a cultural divide in America, and it’s on full display. The Left, the media and many in the executive suite, are on one side: big government, legalistic, secular. I don't think they have much enthusiasm for America. They dominate our culture, and have for years.

On the other side: The people in fly-over country. People to whom religion matters. People who love America, and revel in its traditions. For a generation they have played a minor role in the affairs of our country. And they've been looked down on.

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And now, they are mocked, laughed at. And sometimes these days, beaten in the street.

And along comes Texas; ordinary people volunteering to help their fellow Americans in the worst natural disaster our country has seen.

I don't want to see this cartoon withdrawn. I want to see it given maximum publicity. We should know exactly who holds us in contempt.

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