Uber for Your Health Care…It Could Happen

Doctor giving you medical pill

A former Uber employee reportedly has plans to launch a similar on-demand service that could change the way we get health care.

According to tech blog Valleywag, Oscar Salazar is launching a startup that would function like the popular ride-service app Uber by allowing users to connect with doctors willing to make house calls -- skipping the often cumbersome process of in-clinic appointments.

The launch date is unclear, but Valleywag reports that it is imminent.

The unnamed source told the blog that at least 40 doctors in the New York City area had signed up for the venture.

“It will work like Uber, but with doctors coming to you. I mean, it will start out for the 1%, clearly,” the source explained to Valleywag.

Upon further research, Valleywag found that in June, Techcare Inc. filed a trademark for the name Housecall, but it was listed in care of 8an Capital, for which Philip Eytan is a managing partner. Eytan’s LinkedIn profile says he is a co-founder of Techcare Inc. He is also an advisor for investment firm Abundance Partners, as is Salazar, according to the tech blog.

Uber did not immediately respond to a comment request about the potential startup by FOXBusiness.com, and Salazar, whose current LinkedIn profile says he is chief product officer at RIDE, did also not return requests for comment.