Trump's Small Biz Message Inspires 3 Young Entrepreneurs

President Donald Trump’s pro-business message gave three young entrepreneurs faith in the future of America’s economy.

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The three sisters—Melissa, Courtney and Rachel Reed—joined FOX Business to discuss the impact of Trump’s message and their experience at his inauguration.

“Being business owners, we really felt we could relate to Donald Trump’s business experience and we’ve just had faith in him ever since the beginning that he would have what it takes to reinvigorate the American economy,” Melissa said during an interview on “After the Bell.”

She explained that the President gave her family “entrepreneurial confidence” for their business and inspired others across the entire country as well.

“It’s really special for our country to have a businessman lead like Donald Trump,” Melissa said.

Her sister, Courtney, added that although it wasn’t always easy to be outspoken Trump supporters, the trio decided to stand strong.

“We believe Mr. Donald Trump really has the American people at his heart and he just wants to bring us together and unite all of us,” she said.