Trump's Border Wall Could Actually Be Wall-less

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Could Trump's Mexico wall actually be borderless?

Trump's wants a wall but what if it was border-less? Inside one company's smart solution. Liz Derr, CEO and founder of Simularity explains.

He promised it on the campaign trail...

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“On day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall,” said President Trump during a rally in August, prior to being elected.

Making good, Customs and Border Protection accepted proposals to build Trump’s wall, and over 200 vendors expressed interest. While most plans include the traditional concrete, steel, even shipping crates, to manufacture the barrier between the U.S. and Mexico, a few companies had some alternative ideas.

“Our proposal for this wall is essentially an intelligent, virtual wall where there isn’t actually a physical wall,” Liz Derr, founder and CEO of Simularity, an artificial intelligence software company, told

A smart wall-less wall, Derr’s proposal would utilize drones, cameras and satellites to analyze real-time footage of the border.

“It takes a series of images over time and finds things that are unusual … you can see problems before they actually get to your border and arrange the appropriate response,” Derr explained.

While the cost for Trump’s proposed wall have ranged from $12 billion to $38 billion, according to an MIT report, Simularity’s wall is 90 percent cheaper.

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“We can easily do this for $1 billion to $2 billion,” said Derr. According to Derr, most of the technology, including the drones, already exists and with the advancement of automated image detection, the number of border staff and labor costs could significantly be reduced.

Derr, who believes the physical wall is more of a “symbol than anything,” doesn’t necessarily think Simiularity will get the bid, but has hopes for the future.

“We really want to have a secure border, and so if you have to have the symbol, okay, but let’s add the actual security on top of that,” said Derr. “We want offer a solution that will actually secure the borders and cost the country a lot less money.”

Be sure to watch Liz Derr’s full interview above for how the borderless-border could actually work.

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