Trump Wreaks Havoc On Mexico’s Auto Industry

Each year, the factory of ITB Precisietechniek, a Dutch manufacturer, produces hundreds of millions of its products at its plant in Querétaro, a prosperous industrial city some 150 miles northwest of Mexico City.

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The plant is what those in the auto industry call a “tier two” manufacturer. Its machines mold plastics into components, which are then shipped off to a different company that uses them to produce car parts. Those, in turn, will end up in cars sold to U.S. consumers.

“Business has been good,” general manager Pieter de Korver told “We’ve expanded our facility last year and have enjoyed continued growth over the past few years.”

ITB’s plant, located on an industrial park on the outskirts of the city, is just one of the many hundreds of manufacturers that form the complex supply chain of the Bajío cluster. The region in Central Mexico is the heart of Mexico’s automotive industry. A large chunk of the 3.6 million cars the country produces each year are made here. Most of them are shipped to the United States.

It took Donald Trump only a few updates on Twitter to throw this thriving industry into disarray.

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January 4, 2017