Treat Williams and George Hamilton Tackle Politics in New Flick

A new movie called “The Congressman,” starring Treat Williams and George Hamilton, will make its debut in theaters on Friday. They joined the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney to discuss the real-life political drama.

Treat Williams plays Congressman Charlie Winship, whose life spirals out of control and is caught on camera failing to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance.

“I’m getting divorced, I have my feet up while I’m working and I forget to do the Pledge and I get into a fist fight with another Congressman during a basketball game and the next day I actually demonstrate what was called The Bellamy Salute, which kids all gave for 50 years when they did the Pledge of Allegiance which is the Nazi salute,” said Williams.

George Hamilton, who plays the wicked lobbyist, said the movie addresses an inherent danger in a politician when the camera is turned on.

“This is a very old fashioned movie, it’s got a [Frank] Capra type of feel to it,” said Hamilton. “It’s really the story of a guy who’s going through a transition who happens to be a congressman. The backdrop is politics. But it is also about… not so much the press, but how information can be manipulated on cell phone and by editing,” added Williams.

They also weighed in on celebrities threatening to leave the U.S. over Trump becoming president. 

“I was at a dinner the other night and it was quite an interesting dinner. It was Al Pacino and Jon Voight and Warren Beatty and Steven Bauer… It was evenly divided and the idea was that I decided that I would not answer any questions and I didn’t really want to talk about politics,” said Hamilton.

While Treat Williams is from Vermont, he said he doesn’t necessarily support Bernie Sanders.