Toys ‘R’ Us liquidation marks death of all toy retailers, retail expert warns

Burt Flickinger, a retail expert, wants Wall Street and the media to be held accountable for the liquidation of the iconic Toys “R” Us brand.

“People should be wearing jumpsuits in federal facilities for this,” Flickinger told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.” “Congress, instead of pocket-lining and dining with lobbyists, should get the Department of Justice after these criminals that murdered Geoffrey the Giraffe, put Toys “R” Us out of business and 100,000 other jobs and shopping malls that are co-anchored with Toys “R” Us.”

After 60 years of business Toys “R” Us announced it would begin to close or sell off its remaining 735 U.S. stores after failure to reach a deal to manage its massive debt. However “plenty of dirty dealing” contributed to the demise, Flickinger alleged.

“Wall Street vultures and complicit news organizations catalyzed putting them out of business,” he said.

While companies including Amazon, Walmart and CVS stand to profit from its bankruptcy, Flickinger believes “this is the death of all toy retailers worldwide.”

“There’s no place left for the experience of buying toys, so everybody from the movie theaters to licensed toy manufacturers and apparel manufacturers – everybody loses,” he said.