This is how much your smartphone really costs over a lifetime

If you thought $1,000 for an iPhone X was a lot, you’re in for a big surprise.

According to new data from price comparison engine Flipsy, a typical smartphone, including equipment, usage bills and apps, costs a staggering $75,000 over a lifetime.

To calculate that number, the site broke down the cost of having a smartphone by each category.

Total Equipment Cost

If you were to buy your first smartphone at the age of 18 and upgrade every 32 months until the age of 78 — the average life expectancy in the U.S. — the company estimates that you would have purchased a total of 22 smartphones in your lifetime. And, with the average selling price of a smartphone at $567 per model, the total expense for 22 phones would be $12,474.

Total usage bill

While the equipment bill is quite pricey, it pales in comparison to what you’ll be paying your phone company throughout your life. Flipsy estimates that the average person spends about $80 per month for their phone bill and over 60 years that amounts to around $57,600.


Lastly, according to a new forecast from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data, the average iPhone user spends around $88 per year on premium apps and in-app purchases, which equates to about $5,280 over a lifetime, bringing the grand total to a whopping $75,354.

But if retirement age seems too far away, here’s a look at what you’ll pay over in 10-year increments, according to Flipsy.

•             10 years: $12,559

•             20 years: $25,118

•             30 years: $37,677

•             40 years: $50,236

•             50 years: $62,795

•             60 years: $75,354