5 Apple Watch apps for every business executive

Apple just debuted its new smartwatch, which the company touts as being bigger and better than ever before.

The new Series 4 design not only has a display that is 30 percent bigger, but the company said it has updated every single part of the watch’s user interface to store more information in apps, photos and maps than ever before.

But if you’re still on the fence about whether to shell out $399-plus for the gadget, these new and improved business watchOS apps could help you decide.

1)     Drafts 5

This app for iOS and WatchOS makes note taking on your wrist dead easy, according to app’s website. It works by allowing users to press the microphone button, dictate your note, hit “done,” and watch the note show up in the app’s inbox. Notes can also be tagged and sorted in a variety of ways to help business professionals stay on task.

2)     Hours

If keeping track of time is your main issue, this is the app for you. Hours is a cross-platform time tracking tool that can help Watch wearers log their hours on particular projects. The app will remind users to start and stop timers for certain key projects.

3)     Microsoft PowerPoint

If you give a lot of PowerPoint presentations at work, this is an essential WatchOS for you. Just like Microsoft’s PowerPoint app for iOS, the application allows users to advance and reverse slides, restart presentations, or end a slide show using their Watch.

4)     Circa

If you’re an international businessperson with multiple employees around the world, Circa’s app for watchOS is definitely needed. The app allows users to get a visual look at work schedules around the world. Leaders can set a city and specify business hours to see who’s in and where they’re located.

5)      TripIt

Keeping track of a travel itinerary can be difficult for busy professionals, but TripIt says it can help. Its watchOS compiles trip information including flights, hotel reservations and car services into one list by simply forwarding pertinent reservations to the app. Then when it’s time to go, TripIt will ping you with alerts and let you know about any changes or delays.