This company is providing jobs to military spouses across US

R. Riveter is a North Carolina-based accessories company run by military spouses and providing opportunities to other military families across the U.S.

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The company currently provides remote income opportunities to more than 100 military spouses throughout the country. Although the company is based in North Carolina, co-founders Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse allow military spouses to work remotely and assemble products from any location before mailing their contributions to the “fab shop” for assembly.

“We believe that every military family serves in their own way, even when they’re not wearing the uniform, they are doing what they can to support their service member when they are deployed or training. So what we really wanted to do was to provide a platform or a connection, somewhere where spouses and families could feel safe and connected,” Cruse said.

As military wives themselves, Bradley and Cruse understand how difficult it can be to land a stable career when military families are constantly on the move.

More than 50% of U.S. service members are married, and nearly 35% of active-duty service members are married with children, according to Military OneSource.

“Every two or three years military families are moving, so it was very difficult for us to find long-term careers for ourselves. So we thought, let’s stop being part of the problem and create a solution,” Bradley said.