'The Walking Dead' Producer on Season 6: Nobody is Safe

Season 6 of the post-apocalyptic zombie series is set to debut Sunday and executive producer David Alpert offered FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney a glimpse into what to expect.

“We’ve been on the road for 5 years and now they finally found some peace in this town called Alexandria. They seemed to have really found a safe-haven and things seem to sort of give a little bit of a pause but of course life in “The Walking Dead” nothing is ever as it seems. And there [are] only bigger and more exciting things to come. He added, “Nobody on the show is safe."

When asked whether he thought they would beat NFL football ratings he said: “I like our chances.”

"The Walking Dead” will also be making an appearance at NYC’s Comic Con.

“Walking dead is based off a best-selling comic from Image Comics… We also have the season 6 premiere tonight at Madison Square Garden,” he said.