The Restaurant Chain Business isn’t Going Away: Apple-Metro CEO

Apple-Metro CEO Zane Tankel on Wednesday argued that chain restaurants will continue to do well as long as they adapt to the changing consumer market.

“It’s a transitional economy and the consumers changing, so why wouldn’t it change on the chain end of it as well? We got to reinvent ourselves very candidly in the chain business,” Tankel said on the FOX Business Network's Varney and Company.

According to a report by Technomic, Independent and small restaurants are doing very well compared to the big chain restaurants. Small “mom and pop” restaurants are usually known for having friendly serving staffs that make costumers feel welcome, and may incline them to return.

Some critics argue that having consumers order from a tablet, kills that social interaction, but Tankel disagrees.

“As technology should be an aide and as it moves in, it gives the server more time to be friendly and warm, if you are going to order on there and we don’t get rid of servers, we’ll have servers. They just won’t have as many tables in their station,” he said.