‘The Interview’ Actor James Franco Weighs in on Sony Hack

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James Franco on Sony's Hack, 'The Interview'

‘The Color of Time’ actor and director James Franco on latest projects, North Korea and Sony’s hack attack.

Actor and director James Franco, who stars in Sony’s upcoming film “The Interview,” says he has “no idea” what’s going on with Sony’s recent hacking drama.

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Sony Pictures was hacked late last month in an attack that some have attributed to North Korea. The film “The Interview” is a satire about an assassination plot against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea in a statement denied that it was behind the attack, but called it a “righteous deed.”

In an interview with FBN’s Deirdre Bolton, Franco said North Korea’s initial reaction to the film seemed to have been based on the trailer, rather than the movie itself.

“The movie is a comedy -- it’s satire -- and we satirize American celebrity culture as much as we do anything else. My hope is that it comes out and everybody sees, ‘Oh, this is funny,’” Franco said.

But given the breadth and depth of the attack on Sony, Franco said he and fellow star Seth Rogen have been taking precautions.

“I mean I’ve talked to Seth about it and he’s like make sure you, someone watches your accounts. They certainly are. There’s like a triple watch over my money every day, but other than that Seth is like, “Don’t worry, whatever,’” Franco said.

For the full interview and more on Franco’s upcoming indie flick “The Color of Time,” watch the video above.

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