How women shaped Silicon Valley

Breaking Silicon Valley's glass ceiling is the basis of the new book "Alpha Girls: The Women Upstarts Who Took on Silicon Valley's Male Culture and Made the Deals of a Lifetime," author Julian Guthrie told FOX Business on Monday.

"I focus on four women who end up financing and building in some of the foremost companies of our day,” Guthrie told Maria Bartiromo.

The book details the women arriving in California, their successes, pitfalls, regrets and broadsides. But, Guthrie stressed, “there is a triumph there”, adding, “they’re really this model for perseverance, determination and really savvy decisions that they made along the way.” 

Guthrie said there are so many women stories behind companies considered pillars of the economy, including Tesla, Salesforce, F5 and Acme Packet, but “their stories were largely written out of history until now.”

“These women, they made really strategic decisions,” she said. “They had to figure out how to be team players.”

“Now they’re at the point where they’re helping to rewrite the rules for Silicon Valley, and bring in more women and demand change.” Guthrie added.