The Bad Apple Watch Rollout

This is the day. Do you have your Apple watch?

If you ordered early and fast, chances are you finally got that little Apple wonder for your wrist. But if you didn’t order right away on April 10, you're going to be cooling your jets... because you're not getting it anytime soon.

And that supremely bugs me on the customer service front. Because I think Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is handling this whole watch rollout badly ... very badly.

And getting the watch late isn't what bugs me. All these stars  -- like Pharrell and Drake and Beyonce and Anna Wintour -- getting them early, and likely for free ... that really bugs me.

Apple's practically shouting, ‘They're cool, and the rest of you, particularly you, Neil, are not. You chill. Because you're a chump.’

And let me count the other ways Tim is “cooking” his own goose. It turns out lots of average Americans have no idea the hoops they have to go through just to get one of these things.

Remember the confusion nationwide among folks who popped into Apple stores on April 10, thinking they could buy the watch, when in fact, they could only look at it and buy it online?

Even now... good luck nabbing one of these things quickly, or easily. You can't just walk into an Apple store and get one. You have to set up an appointment, and order online again, to have them send it to your home.

Let's just say it's confusing. And the more I see these Hollywood and music-mogul types donning these damn things on their wrists, the more I want to get my hands wrapped around their throats.

It's like their shoving their preferred status in our faces. And I'm not even talking Drake … I'm talking those dregs at Apple.