Tech Connect: Google+ Becoming a Minus, Ads Creep Into Twitter, iPhone 4Gs Pics?

Technology earnings started to taper off this week, but tech stocks kept rising and so did the headlines.

Amazon blew through analyst expectations and touched new highs. Apple shares a week after it reported numbers kept climbing higher, breaking through $400 a share, maybe aided by alleged images of the new iPhone 4Gs circulated on the Web. Is Google+ a minus or are we preparing its eulogy too soon? Especially in light of news that Steve Jobs friended Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin on the platform, theres got to be something there, right? You judge for yourself! Here are the stories that caught my eye this week:Will the real Steve Jobs on Google+ stand up?

EVERYONE is on Google+ these days, including Steve Jobs. Not only are there reports that Apples head honcho is on Google+, but apparently he runs in some pretty elite circles, befriending Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, amongst others. But there was something odd about the Google+ profile of the famous man who only wears black turtlenecks, perhaps a giveaway that this was a scam. In the about me section, the man-who-claims-to-be-Jobs wrote: "Am willing to tear down walls, build bridges, and light fires. I have great experience, lots of energy, a bit of that 'vision thing' and I'm not afraid to start from the beginning." Hmm, a little too cheeky for my taste. I expected a little more creativity and stealthiness from Jobs.

Stay up to date on all the latest technology news on the FOX Business Technology Facebook page.Google+ turning into a minus?

OK, so maybe Steve Jobs is on Google+ but the rest of us dont seem to be that impressed. As I wrote last week, I just dont get what you DO on Google+, and it seems that I may not be alone. New data from Experian shows that traffic on the recently-launched social network seems to have tapered off in the last month. But it is only one month old, so maybe we should all relax a little on calling the end on this one.This Twitter feed brought to you by...

You cant blame Twitter, really. Despite its altruistic values of connecting the world, it, just as a 22-year-old sociology major eventually realizes, will have to sell out to pay the bills and make some money. Addicts like myself (sounds like time for a plug for my Twitter page) cant live without our fix, but Twitter hasnt mastered how to make money off of it. It seems that things are changing, however, with the addition of ads creeping into (INSERT AD HERE) its timelines.

Take a look at the newest images claiming to be the new iPhone 4GS

Before every new product release from Apple, some Joe posts fuzzy, clearly-amateur snaps of the first look at Apples new gadget. If I had the new gadget, Id perfect my pic before sending it out to the world (call me a perfectionist). The web community buzzes about it and then we look a little more clearly and see that the Apple name on the product has 3 Ps on it or something like that. Heres the latest to add fuel to the always blazing Apple fire.  And speaking of fire& have you seen Apple's stock? Blazing through $400 a shareGovernment to you: I see you!

While there is an upside to being reachable anywhere in the world on your mobile device, there, apparently, are many more downsides to the accessibility than we realized. Not only are you disclosing your whereabouts to app makers, gaming companies, Google and the service providers, but apparently, the Government knows where you are at too (maybe).

When sharing too much on Facebook can cost you a job

Weve all heard of background checks, drug tests and even IQ tests on job interviews, but what about social media tests? Social Intelligence, a new company that provides social media background checks to companies, makes it its business to scrape the Web and dig up dirt on you for use in hiring decisions! Whats amazing is all the corners of the Internet it crawls into to get its material: Tumblr, chatrooms and even Craigslist. Watch my interview with the CEO of Social Intelligence here.

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