Suzanne Somers: When you're young & need money, you find yourself in precarious situations

Suzanne Somers recounted her interaction with disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein during an appearance on FOX Business’s “Mornings with Maria” on Thursday.

“I remember one night I was standing next to him at the Vanity Fair Oscar party waiting for our limos,” Somers told Maria Bartiromo. “I didn’t know who he was and I said to Alan [Hamel] ‘man that guy had a dark vibe.’”

Even though the “Three’s Company” actress did not experience a lot of sexual harassment over the course of her career, she details a personal experience with assault in her new book, “Two’s Company.”

“When you’re really young in this business and need money, you find yourself in precarious situations,” she said.

Somers described the terrifying situation early in her career.

“There was a modeling trip that I was on, I probably was 21 years old and my son had a lot of doctor bills so I took this job and it was the most unsafe I ever felt with four men I didn’t know, a rickety airplane, a creepy guy who was at the house, who when the men left, I’m left alone with a creepy guy and I chronicled that was one of the scariest nights of my life. But nobody dangled jobs for me, ‘you do this and you’ll get a job,’” she said.

Somers said she also had to share her room with a male photographer.

“And when we get there, I go in my room and it’s two twin beds and the photographer walks in and goes ‘we’re bunking together,’ I said, ‘are you kidding?’ he said, ‘don’t worry I shoot for Playboy I see women naked,’ she said. “When you’re 20, you don’t think you have any power, so it was sort of like, ‘oh, ok,’” Somers added.

Somers said the story serves as an important lesson for young women who don’t think they can push back and say “no.”