Startups Giving Self-Storage a High-Tech Makeover

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The ‘Dropbox’ for physical storage

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The ‘Dropbox’ for physical storage

MakeSpace is looking to remake a $24 billion industry with a high-tech twist on self-storage.

Ever wish you could just push a button, and your boxes would be delivered to a storage unit?

That’s the basic idea behind startups like MakeSpace and Boxbee, which are rethinking the self-storage experience. They’re providing a technology-enabled, door-to-door experience that saves customers from having to actually visit a storage unit.

Inspired by a bad experience trying to locate items in a recently packed storage unit, MakeSpace founder and CEO Sam Rosen said MakeSpace is similar in theory to other popular cloud-based startups.

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“I thought to myself: If I can look through Spotify and find a song by album, or look through Dropbox and find a photo or a file, why can’t I do that same type of experience from my home, as opposed to going to a facility on a Saturday with my physical storage?,” said Rosen.

Here’s how MakeSpace works: Customers can schedule a pickup online or by phone. If you live in New York City, MakeSpace will drop off durable plastic bins. You can either pack up the bins within a 20-minute window, while a MakeSpace driver waits nearby, or you can schedule a later pickup. Then, the MakeSpace driver (called an “Uploader,” in the startup’s tech-y lingo) will deliver your boxes to a Jersey City warehouse for storage for $25 a month.  This rate gets you four bins, which each measure 3 cubic feet.

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