Starbucks beefs up its' coffee... literally

First day of August on Wall Street ...

Investors celebrating four record highs in a row for the Dow Jones Industrial Average... Ending just 109 points shy of 22,000.

And all three major averages posting their best closes since February.

More gains could come if the White House gets tax reform passed. The administration is pushing an aggressive time line saying the biggest tax cut in a generation will happen this year. The background work on the legislation comes next month. The House votes on it in October. The Senate in November.

Target tells college kids: don't come to us; we'll come to you.

It's putting pop-up shops on college campuses ... Rather than bussing students to its closest stores.

And Starbucks is beefing up its coffee, literally...

Now selling a drink topped with beef jerky.

It's only available at Starbucks' "Seattle roast-ery."