Stanford University Says No to Western Civilization Courses in Curriculum

Despite a petition, Stanford University will not require western civilization courses as part of its freshman curriculum.

“The Stanford Review, a student-run publication, launched a petition to bring western civilization courses back to Stanford and then all hell broke loose. We the writers, we didn’t even realize how counter-cultural and unpopular it would be on a college campus to think that all students should have a basic introduction to the greats of the western tradition,” Stanford student Elliot Kaufman told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Kaufman then raised concerns over the broader potential impact of not having western civilization courses as part of America’s educational system.

“Being a computer-science focused school, many students go four full years and graduate without ever even having to contemplate where our liberties come from and why we cherish them. I just think that’s a really untenable and dangerous position for our democracy as a whole,” said Kaufman.