Smart Summer Hiring Tricks

By Chad BrooksSmall BusinessBusinessNewsDaily

As summer nears, many businesses — especially those that rely on the warm weather — are starting to ramp up their seasonal hiring.

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Although these summer employees may end up only being temporary, it doesn't mean employers should just hire anyone they can find, said John Orr, senior vice president of retail strategy and execution for human resources technology firm Ceridian HCM.

"Having the right skills and coverage in the stores during peak times of the year, day of week and power hours within a day has proven to increase service levels and conversion rates," Orr told BusinessNewsDaily.

Orr said finding the right seasonal hires is especially important in the retail industry, because a retailer’s competitive position in the market depends on superior customer experience and selling skills.

"The right seasonal employee is most likely someone who can fill lower-skilled positions that still contribute significant value, such as extra workers in the shipping facilities, overnight stocking positions and greeters," he said.

Orr offered employers five tips for ensuring seasonal employees turn into valuable ones:

  • Know the skill level, position and location of the hiring need before starting to hire.
  • Have a performance-review process in place to leverage the influx of new hires. This provides a great probationary period to evaluate and identify those who could potentially play a permanent role.
  • Treat seasonal employees with the same care with which you treat those who are nonseasonal.  Employers run the risk of driving seasonal employees away by segregating the two types of employees.
  • A retailer’s brand value is affected by employees’ experience working there. If the employees enjoy being there, they will spread the high brand value in their neighborhood, at their school and among their friends.
  • Be specific about the role and responsibilities. Far too often, seasonal workers leave their employer because the actual work was not what was described to them during the hiring process.

Ceridian offers a variety of technology options designed to help businesses save time and money, as well as increase employee engagement and productivity.

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