Sheriff Clarke: Beyonce Can't Live With Police, Can't Live Without Them

Law enforcement might not have Queen Bey’s back when she takes the stage at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

“How ironic that a cop-hating performer realizes she needs the American law enforcement officer to pull off her concert. It’s definitely a can’t live with the police, can’t live without themmoment for Beyoncé,” said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria.

Several Pittsburgh officers have allegedly refused to work Beyoncé’s concert after her controversial Super Bowl halftime performance at Levi Stadium in February.

“I don’t blame Pittsburgh’s finest for not volunteering for this assignment. Of course, if they are ordered to do it, these officers will do what they are told to do, but at the same time I’m glad to see that they have enough morals to not even add time-and-a-half to not even volunteer for something like this,” he said.

Clarke, who has spoken out against the Grammy award winner on the FOX Business Network since her halftime performance, says he would “allow her to do a reset on her relationship with the police” if she donated all the proceeds of this concert to the Concerns of Police Survivor Chapter State of Pennsylvania, which works with the survivors of slain law enforcement officers.

The singer and songwriter, who just launched a brand new clothing line, is also selling “Boycott Beyonce” merchandise at her concerts.